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Read the following to find out if you may have a case*:

*Speaking with an attorney is advised to ensure you have a case

In Georgia, the statute of limitations on a personal injury case is typically two years from the date of injury. Under certain circumstances, that deadline may be extended. However, it is usually best to file any claims you may have IMMEDIATELY. Chances are if you’re within the two year period referenced above, then you still may have a viable claim.

A police report is usually the only documented evidence of the accident’s occurrence. If the police report indicates that another individual is at fault for the accident that occurred, then your injury case is significantly stronger!

Whether you’ve gone to the hospital following an accident is generally indicative of the severity of your injuries (and your case)! Most people don’t feel like they need to go get checked out after an accident, but it usually is in your best interest to do so. You never know what kind of damage a car accident has done to you, especially when you have significant amounts of adrenaline flowing through your body. Odds are if you have gone to the hospital following an accident, you may have a stronger case!