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Duluth Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are easily one of the most devastating things to see on the road while going about your day. Huge, formidable trucks mangled on a bustling Duluth, Minnesota State Highway 23 draw the attention of drivers who want to see if anyone has been hurt.

Were you the one who was hurt? Don’t hesitate to contact a truck accident attorney in the Duluth, Georgia, area. At Jaraysi Law, there is virtually no trucking accident we haven’t seen.

Types of Trucking Accidents

Unfortunately, there are many possibilities in terms of road accidents involving trucks. Do any of these apply to you?

  • Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents
  • Truck Rollovers
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • Blindspot Accidents
  • Jackknife Accidents
  • Unsecured Load Accidents

Truck Wreck Claims

According to the Official Code of Georgia 51-12-33, Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning that whoever causes a personal injury accident, including a truck collision, is liable for all damages. In order to seek compensation from the party who caused the accident, you should file a personal injury claim as soon as possible.

You’ll need to establish who is responsible for your damages in order to file a personal injury claim. This isn’t your usual motor vehicle accident where you claim against a private individual driving their own car. Because truck accidents frequently include truck drivers who are in the course of their duties while employed by companies, deciding who to bring the claim against will be a complicated process.

Because of these complications, retaining a Truck Injury Lawyer will be necessary.

Federal Speed Regulation

According to the Georgia Code Title 40. Motor Vehicles and Traffic section 40-6-181, trucks are to abide by the following speed limits:

  • 30 miles per hour in any urban or residential district;
  • 35 miles per hour on an unpaved county road;
  • 70 miles per hour on a rural interstate;
  • 65 miles per hour on an urban interstate or on a multi-lane divided highway; and
  • Fifty-five miles per hour in all other areas.

Unsecured Load Accidents

Statute 40-6-248 gives the guidelines for securing loads. Multiple persons can be culpable, from the driver to the person who loads if unsecured cargo falls off the truck and into the roads. It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t a huge couch that fell on top of your car. Litter in any form is prohibited under this law.

Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

Any form of negotiation with a corporation or insurance company is an unequal balance of power, as these entities have those conversations every day. On the other hand, hopefully, you likely haven’t experienced truck accidents often. This is not likely to be a simple claim that you can handle yourself.

Companies using trucks usually have insurance with limits of $1,000,000.00 per person. Depending on your losses and injuries, this may not be enough to compensate you. As a result, a truck accident lawyer should be brought on to act on your behalf, so you are not short-changed.

Common Questions

Can I make this claim at any time?

Under the laws of Georgia, you have only two years from the date of the accident to bring this claim. Due to this statute of limitations, you are implored to get in contact with a truck wreck lawyer as soon as possible. It may take more time than you think to gather the relevant evidence and locate potential witnesses, should it come to that.

Since I’m likely suing a company, I’ll definitely get a good settlement, right?

Large companies are interested in keeping costs low. That includes payouts due to the negligence of their employees. Some companies may even try to avoid liability by arguing that the truck driver was breaking the law while driving to justify that they shouldn’t be liable. In this event, you may find yourself bringing a claim against an individual rather than a corporation with deep pockets. This is not your standard claim, so it is best to place it in the hands of a commercial truck accident attorney accustomed to these arguments.

What is the first thing I should do if I sustain a truck accident injury?

  • Make a report to the police. This report will be useful later on.
  • Take as many photos of the vehicles involved as possible. Try your best to get from varying angles and distances.
  • Upon leaving the scene, see your doctor. It is best to have medical evidence contemporaneous to the event. It never comes off well to see your attorney before you see a doctor.
  • Contact a Truck Crash Lawyer well-suited for the task of bringing a claim on your behalf.

If you sustained truck accident injuries, you might have a claim. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at Jaraysi Law. We can assess your matter and advise you of your steps going forward. We also offer representation in other areas of law.

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